Video of Sheike Balalau playing football with his children at home

The video of Sheike Balalau kicking the ball leaves behind a lot of dust after many people clicked on the video



In a sermon by the head of Nigeria’s Izala, Sheikh Balalau, he stated that sometimes he plays ball with his children in his house.



This issue of the teacher has attracted people’s attention, but some people have a bad understanding of the teacher, especially the Bidians





The problem is that many weapons have been declared illegal after some evidence that they have presented.


Also, some of the scholars of Suma and on the other side have stated that the ball is not haram and the death is not during the time when God is doing it, that is the time of prayer.



Seeing how Al Adun teachers are not playing with children at home made the teacher make this video so that people can learn to play with their children at home.




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