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FGC students have created a robot model of “Ruby Waiter-Bot”.

FGC students have created a robot model of “Ruby Waiter-Bot”.

The Federal Government College in Rubochi, FCT, has developed a robot model that some of its students have dubbed “Ruby Waiter-Bot”.

The students while presenting their new strategy to the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja on Tuesday, the students claimed that it will help solve important issues affecting the country.

Introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) encouraged them to be creative, which led to innovation, according to SSS3 Miss Onyoche Bamaiyi.


The robot, according to SSS3 student, Ephraim Okpara, is 70% recycled.

The main objective of today’s project is to collect and use recyclable materials, which are found in the environment. The Coderina Education Foundation provided robotics, which we also used.
He thinks the robot will make some tasks faster and easier.

According to a student of SSS1, Goodluck Ogbole, “This robot was created from the challenge of one of our mothers who is in the business of selling food and she usually has trouble finding workers to serve food in her restaurant.

We got this idea, so we gathered as a group to discuss how to make this robot to solve these problems so that food can be served quickly and easily, he said.

The students were commended by Mr. David Adejo, the Principal Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, who urged them to publicize their inventions and promised them the necessary support.

“The problem is that we do not link the development of research,” In order for students to be receptive to new ideas, we must make them. What you can do with your brain, not your degree, determines where the world goes, he said.

Nigeria has talent, according to Mr. Femi Niyi, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Coderina Foundation for Education and Technology, who also claimed that “what took other countries five to six years to develop, a Nigerian can produce such in two. years.”

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