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Athlete’s foot is a condition in which some foods are helpful if they are eaten and applied to the feet.

Take garlic for example Garlic is an excellent anti-fungal, and including several cloves per day in your diet can help eliminate athlete’s foot.

However, you can also place a glove of fresh garlic in your socks or shoes for several hours a day to kill the fungus..

Garlic has a compound called ‘ajoene’ which effectively eliminates the fungus.

Garlic has been historically used for its strong anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties so why not use it to treat your fungal infection now!

Ways to Use Garlic for Athlete’s Foot

Crush some garlic cloves. Add this to your foot bath water.

Soak your feet for half an hour in this water.

Mince or grind some garlic cloves.

Mix it with some olive oil.

Apply this to your fungal infection affected area.

Repeat 2-3 times a day.

Add raw garlic to your foods like in salad dressings, soups and sauce etc.

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