The Nigerian government has allocated 20.51 trillion naira in the 2023 budget

The Nigerian government has allocated 20.51 trillion naira as part of the 2023 budget:

The authorities in Nigeria have allocated 20.51 trillion naira as the budget for the year 2023: and it is the largest allocation in the history of the country but the ministries and government agencies have begun to complain that the funds allocated in the budget are too small.

Many ministries and agencies that have increased their budget for the year 2023 before the National Assembly such as the Ministry of Security and Secret Information and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even the Presidential Palace have complained. that their budget for 2023 is too low,



The chairman of the committee on security and private information in the senate, Abdullahi Ibrahim Danbaba, clarified that leaving the ministries and national security agencies without enough money is not something that will lead to trouble, because security needs money, especially to get the information. secret,

Danbaba said that the council will take action to help the ministries by spreading the law.

On the part of the House of Representatives, there is a dispute between the committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, where the chairman of the committee complained that the ministry does not follow the guidelines laid out for it in the way it is spent. budget because of that the council prevented them from giving them the budget for next year and they have to fix it,

The chairman of the committee, Yusuf Buba Yakubu, said that the council has sent the ministry a letter of order to repair the embassies all over the world, but the minister brushed off the letter, so the council took this step to suspend their budget for next year. they fixed,

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