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How To Make Fried Palm Oil Stew

How To Make Fried Palm Oil Stew


•1½ cup of palm oil

•1 big sized dry fish

•5 boiled eggs

•Assorted meat

•5 red bell pepper (tatashe)

•4 medium-sized onions

•2 scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

•10 pieces of fresh pepper

•3 tbsp of grounded crayfish

•4 pieces of garlic

•5 cubes of seasoning

•Curry and thyme

•Salt to taste


1.Place your washed meat in a pot, add salt, one bulb of sliced onion, two cubes of seasoning, water and allow to boil until meat is tender. The water should be moderate as you do not need too much.

2.While your meat boils, wash and blend your tatashe, ata rodo, and two onions. Shred the dry fish, whilst doing that; be sure to remove the bones.

3.In another pot, pour palm oil with garlic (diced) and allow fry for five minutes. The garlic gives the oil a great smell.

4.After that, add the remaining onions (sliced), the shredded fish, two cubes of seasoning and stir for a while.

5.After a while, add the blended mix, curry, thyme and crayfish. Fry for 15 minutes on a medium heat and remember to stir occasionally to avoid burning.

6.Pour the boiled meat with water into the cooking sauce and allow fry for and additional 20 minutes on low heat.

7.Add your boiled egg into the stew, leave to cook for five more minutes.

8.Food is ready. Credit to owner. Hope you learnt something.

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