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How To Preserve Tomatoes

How To Preserve Tomatoes

How To Preserve Tomatoes .


It is about preserving our blended tomatoes so it can last for more than a month without putting it in the fridge or warming it.




1. Wash your tomatoes to your taste.


2. Pour it in a pot and add little salt and water, steam it for just 3mins.


3. Remove all tomatoes from water and blend.


4. Boil your blended tomatoes to your taste ( its advisable to make it thick).


5. Pour it into a bottle and close it. It must be bottle please.


6. Put your tomatoes bottle inside pot for just 2mins to heat tomatoes with bottle.


7. You can now put your blended tomatoes wherever you want.


8.pour little amount of ground nut oil on it (optional)

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