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Innallillahi Wainna llaihi Rajiun The money of Nigeria Gunmen will burn money Bello Turji

Innallillahi Wainna llaihi Rajiun Money Nigeria Gunmen will burn money Bello Turji make money

Anyone who is going to speak should research and know the truth of the matter before commenting

Hopefully Alkhairi is not a bad idea
Instead of fear and intimidation let’s pray, a
The teachers should enlighten the people and show them
tell them how they should do without intimidation.

Don’t mix past years with today. Today there are many ways of communication.

Now the banks are not like that, we have increased a lot, so after the banks, education has also increased a lot


The issue of academic writing is certainly not good, but it should be done. The system is not intimidating.

If we say that it will hurt the oil, does that show?

Are our rich people not honest or ignorant?

Until now, there is no local government in Nigeria. It will take twenty hours to reach the state capital

and for ninety days, the Son of God will be guided by the truth, not prejudice and fear.

May God bless us and our country if we are evil, may God change us with grace and favor.

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