LET US BE SINCERE || Sheikh Muhammad bn Uthman Kano


Do you- as a Muslim- support an insult on the personality of our noble and beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه واله وسلم ؟
I have no doubt that your answer to this question is an emphatic NO.
I congratulate you for having ‘NO’ as your answer to this question. Arguably, no Muslim worth the name will be found wanting in such an issue.
Then why do you throw your weight behind lopsidedness in treating such a serious issue? Impliedly, why should you be apportioning blame on the provoked youths for a so-called ‘extra judicial killing’, ‘jungle Justice’ or for taking the law into their hands?
Whom do you want to please by being lopsided in your treatment of a sensitive issue like this?? Yes, lopsided by picking holes only in the action of the ‘misguided’ youths while being muted on the irresponsibility of the blasphemer. Hypocrisy in action??
Who is the actual causative agent for the ‘jungle Justice’: the provoker or the provoked? Why couldn’t the cause of the provocation be tolerant enough especially living within the community that firmly believes in the sanctity of the noble Prophet (SAW)??. Especially, the accursed blasphemer was schooling in a college founded and maintained by the state government of a completely Muslim society! Where is the maturity that is expected of an ‘intellectual’ undergoing an academic course? With all these, Yet the misguided and satanically manipulated trouble causer used the language of the people in that locality in insulting the one we hold in the highest esteem. The vulgarity of the word she used is so appalling that it couldn’t be used normally on an area boy or any miscreant, let alone on the Leader of Allah’s created entities Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم
The level of our love, revering, and respect for our noble Prophet( SAW) is beyond the imagination of any doubting Thomas. No matter one’s interpretation of the concept of defence of provocation,, in criminal law, if one takes an action looked at as extra judicial and such an action was purely unprovoked, here you have a solid ground for blaming him. However, what do we say when such an action becomes clearly and overwhelmingly provoking and extremely humiliating??!!
On the other hand, how many instances of extra-judicial killings in Nigeria especially against Muslims (Gwanin Gora along Kaduna Abuja Road as an example) and we have not been hearing this kind of hues and cries from those blaming ONLY these youths in Sakkwato. Double standard!!
If a non Muslim behaves in this kind of manner, little wonder exists here because in verse 254 of chapter 2 of the GQ Allah says:

“And the unbelievers are the transgressing wrong doers”
But for a Muslim claiming to represent knowledge and scholarship that is one of the highest orders of insensitivity .
Similarly, the Press release coming from the Sultanate Council is rather appalling and misguided unlike the one emanating from Sokoto state government. It is more responsible and careful.
That of the former says- inter alia:
“… this unjustifiable killing..”
Now the spontaneous question here is if killing the insulter of the Holy Prophet(SAW) was unjustifiable, according to the Sultanate Council’s Press release, does that mean insulting the Prophet(SAW) in your midst was justifiable??! The Council should answer this question.

For avoidance of doubt we are against any form of lawlessness and taking laws into the hands by ordinary citizens. But whom do you blame here?? Has there been any record where such criminals have been treated accordingly??
The constituted authorities should arrest the situation by stopping the cause of the trouble as ‘prevention is better than cure’ or so says a wise adage.
May peace, tranquility and positive togetherness in living envelope our beloved Country Nigeria.

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