Girki Adon Uwargida

Lumpy egusi soup.

Lumpy egusi soup.


15 seeds scotch bonnet pepper
5 Seeds Shombo
1 large onions
2 Cooking spoon full palm oils
Sprinkle bitter leaf (washed and squeezed) or ugu leaves (sliced)
Seasoning salt
5 cups Egusi (dry powder)
Cowleg/cow skin/beef

Cooking directions:

-Blend just the pepper and onions together and set aside
-Put the dry powdered egusi in a deep bowl and add little salt and very tiny diced onions.
-Add very little water to make a strong mold. It should feel like the texture of puff puff.
-Continue molding and squeezing until you start to feel and see the oil from the egusi.
-Mold together and set aside in the bowl
-Add your well seasoned meat stock in a pot then pour in the blended pepper mix
-Add the palm oil
-Allow to boil for 5 minutes
-Start cutting your egusi in molded big balls and dropping in the pot. The liquid in the pot should be enough to submerge the entire balls. (DO NOT STIR)
-Cover the put and allow to bowl for 5 minutes, then reduce the heat and continue boiling for 10-15minutes until the egusi balls look fluffy and whitish.
-Gently use the back of your spoon to press down on one ball and if it feels fluffy, then its ready. taste for seasoning at this stage but do not add now if it is not enough from your meat stock.
-The mixture should be slightly thick at this stage.
-Add the ugu leaves or bitter leaves without stiring
-Pour in your parboiled meat without stiring still.
-Add dried fish or parboiled stockfish. Then at this stage add more seasoning if it is not enough.
-Gently stir all together and allow to cook for 1-2 minute; Turn off heat.


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