Nothing Last Forever!!!

Nothing Last Forever!!!

This is the private bedroom of Alhaji Busari Adelakun in his home town in Lagelu Local Government area of Oyo State
He was popularly known as “Eruobodo” ( the courageous one), was a Second Republic Politician in Ibadan.

The fear of Eruobodo was the beginning of wisdom in Oyo State then. He combined thuggery with politics and never hid his use of ” juju”.

In fact, he would boast and threaten to inflict his “juju” on opponents. He was feared. Even Uncle Bola Ige, then Governor of Old Oyo State, treated him with certain level of respect.

His fellow Commissioner in Oyo State suddenly died and Eruobodo was accused of killing him through metaphysical means and Eruobodo remorselessly retorted in Yoruba that he only tried him metaphysically without knowing that he was not a strong man in that area.

When he died in 1984 his bedroom was locked as nobody was bold enough to enter the bedroom. You can now see the occupants who entered without fear.

Vanity upon vanity!
Aye ile asan.

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