What is Happening In Europe and the western countries

What is Happening In Europe and the western countries

In Europe and the western countries, some girls are born without knowing their father, then being raised in their mother’s house without knowing a father for her.
When she reaches 18 years old, she must choose between staying with her mother but participating in the rent, or leaving her mother and moving to live with her boyfriend, which is of course at no cost, but her body as long as she stays with him.
After that, she starts moving from one boyfriend to another until she gets married, and at the end, the story repeats itself, until she gets older with no one of her children beside her, then she finds herself at an old-age home, where she finds her only shelter.
Alternatively, in Islam, girl is born, surrounded by the joy of her father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, paternal uncles, and maternal uncles.
After that, she is being raised under the care of both her father and mother, until she reaches the proper age of marriage, and someone proposes to her.
The father checks well about the guy, until he finds the good husband for her; the one who preserves her and takes good care of her.
Then, the daughter gives birth to children, and the story repeats itself, until she gets older and finds her children competing at serving her and taking care of her.

Then, you find who claiming that there are restrictions on the women in Islam, calling for her freedom!
Is the freedom you are demanding for women is being played with by whoever pleases, or being a reason for a corrupted society instead of being the reason of its rising, you ignorant people!
Allah, the Almighty, guaranteed the woman’s full rights and guaranteed in Islam, as He preserved her as a hidden pearl, that only the one who deserves her can have her.
He, the Almighty, has also guaranteed her dignity by Hijab, by her decency, and her coverage.
He made her a reason behind any nation raising, by raising religious, virtuous generation.
May Allah preserve our women, and Muslim Women. May Allah preserve our honor and Muslims honor, Oh Rahman, oh most Merciful.
Oh God, do not make us of those whose efforts have gone astray in the life of this world while they think that they are doing well.

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