The Nigerian police have detained a sheep and her children, on suspicion of eating fried fish waa-waa in Borno

The Nigerian police have arrested a sheep and her children for allegedly eating fried fish waa-waa in Borno

The Borno State Police Force in Maiduguri arrested and detained a sheep alone and her two children following her complaint that she ate a pile of fried fish that was spread out for sale.

The incident happened in Bulabulin area in Maiduguri local government on Saturday. It is said that the sheep and lambs are still being detained on Sunday morning.



The arrest was made following a complaint by a person named Yusuf Ibrahim who sells fish to Bulabulin police headquarters.

According to Zagazola Makama, an expert in counter-insurgency and security analyst, Ibrahim complained that the sheep have been terrorizing him for many years.

The owner of the sheep, one Luba Mohammed – a housewife, complained that she does not know how and when the sheep started liking fried fish.

She admitted that the fishmonger had complained to her over the years about what the sheep had done.

The woman begged Ibrahim to be fair and merciful and release the sheep, with the promise that she would sell, slaughter or bind them.

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