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I will take legal action against the comedian Madagwal

The Emir of Waka Naziru M Ahmad Wanda who is known to the Emir of Kano, the Emir of Kano resigned Muhammad Sanusi II announced the punishment he will give to his business partner







The king of music, Wanda expressed this in anger on his page, I said that he will take legal action against the famous comedian Madagwal.







This follows the problem they are having between them following the allegations that the comedian has made against some of the biggest actors in the Kannywood industry.






The allegation includes the consumption of campaign money given by the presidential candidate under the PDP party to the heroes of the Kannywood industry.






But Kuma is on the side of the king of music, he said that he was not the one who took the money, so he asked the comedian to remove him from the name of the person who took the money from the campaign.

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